Product FAQ


What is the resolution?

HDMI Extender 4k 1080p@60hz

What is the length of the HDMI cable?

DTECH ultra-thin high-speed 4K 19 +1 high-quality pure copper wire HD video 0.5m 1m 1.5m 2m 3m hdmi cable Product Description This HDMI cable, fully new design concept, humanized design, make you more comfortable to use. Full copper 19+1 cable core, supports digital signals such as 720P, 1080I ,1080P, 4K@30HZ, 4K@60HZ. Product specification 1. 24K golden-plated interface, with dust proof cap, plug and play, with stable signal transmission. 2. Black frogged surface coat design, cable is soft, to extend the service life of the cable. 3. the cable uses fully new environment-friendly PVC, one time injection moulding, ergonomics design connector, fashionable and durable. 4. uses high purity oxygen-free copper core conductor, 19+1 cable core, conform to HDMI association standard. 5. adopts 125% shileding aluminum foil weaving, effectively isolate electromagnetic wave interference. 6. HDMI 2.0 standard, support digital signals such as 720P, 1080I ,1080P 4K@30HZ, 4k@60HZ. 7. It is applicable for devices with HDMI interface, such as computer, HD player, BD player, LCD TV, PS3/XBOX etc.

Transmission distance and resolution?

DTECH 4k 1080p Ethernet transmit and receive 100m usb hdmi kvm extender

Industrial converter series

Dtech High Speed RS232 To RS485 HUB Converter supports three connection methods Industrial converter series, interface converter designed for RS232 transmission distance is extended.

HDMI 3D 4K Fiber optic cable

DTECH electronic HDMI 3D 4K Fiber optic cable

TCP/UDP Server/Client?

DTECH modbus gateway serial RS232 to TCPIP Ethernet server Intelligent Internet of Things supports TCP and UDP POE

Resolution Support 4k @60HZ (4:4:4 )

DTECH compatible interface 18G 3d 4K @ 60Hz D-A 100m AOC HDMI fiber optic cable

What are the Features of the switch?

Dtech High speed 4port USB 2.0 cable audio video touch switcher PC sharing device switcher

What does Display Emulator / Dummy Plug do?

DTECH Dummy HDMI Emulator 4K Display Window Mac OSX Linux Hdmi Dummy Plug

HDMI to VGA cable

DTECH factory price 1080p male to female audio and video converter adapter HDMI to VGA cable

USB2.0 Extender Feature

Dtech Hot selling 1080p 4 USB port adapter USB2.0 Extender 50m

RS232/422/485 to TCP_IP three-in-one serial server

DTECH Internet of Things RS232 RS485 to TCP/IP Ethernet converter, modbus gateway serial device server, support POE

Can you customize product?

Dtech 4k HD 1080p@60hz 1m Gold Plated AOC Optic HDMI Fiber Optic Cable for TV Company

What is the HDMI Matrix 2x2 resolution?

Dtech 3D 4Kx2K HDMI MATRIX SWITCH 2x2 arbitrary cross output HDMI MATRIX SWITCH for HD