DT-7069 HD CCTV Video 1080p IR HDMI Wireless Extender 500m

Group HDMI Wireless Extender
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-04-16
Item specifics
Supportlocal output and IR
Support1 TX to 4 RX
UsingH.264 Format
WIFI bands5.8G


Welcome to use our high quality video conversion series product!

HDMI extender with a standard Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, through wireless WIFI signal to transmit HD audio and video signal, which can realize the one-to-many application, at the same time, with infrared extension function to make remote control more convenient. The equipment has excellent image processing and transmission capacity, makes signal transmission more smooth and steady, is a kind of economic and efficient way of HDMI signal extension. It is mainly used for projection industry, training meeting, home wireless video play etc.

.Detailed parameters

Product connection instructions

1.Connect the HDMI output of the receiver to a HDMI input of HD display device (such as high-definition TV, splicing screen, etc.) via one HDMI cable. Such as: computers, Blu-ray machines, set-top boxes and other devices with HDMI ports. This product has a local output interface that connects the [HDMI OUT1] connector on the transmitter to the display.

2. Connect the HDMI cable to the [HDMI OUT2] connector on the receiving end to connect to the monitor.

3. Plug the power adapter into the power interface (DC 5V), The power indicator is normally on.

4.IR remote control: plug the IR transmit line into the senders IR output, plug the IR receiver line into the receivers IR input. 

.Product function parameters

1. The indoor can be extended to 30 to 100 meters, and the outdoor can be extended by 100 to 500 meters;

2 HDMI signal resolution up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60 Hz, backward compatible.

3 Using H.264 format to compress and decompress the video, to effectively improve the transmission speed, assure the fluency and stability of playing.

4. Support wireless transmission RS232 signal to control remote devices;

5 Support IR transmission, can remote control the signal source and other devices.

6 support one to one, one to many transmission. ( support 4 way receiving at most)

7 Able to automatically identify and configure a variety of display devices

8 Built-in automatic balance system, the picture is fluent, clear and stable

9 The built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit, comprehensive protect the  system security.