DT-7058 1080p HDMI IP IR Cascading Extender 150m tx rx via cat5e/6 cable

Group HDMI Extender
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2020-04-29
Item specifics
Product originGuangzhou China
Transmission distance150m by cat5e/6
lead timewithin 2days if in stock
warranty1year, lifetime free maintenance
Support1tx to many rxs not limited
Local outputsupport

Ⅰ. Product introduction

This is a product of HDMI IP extender, which can extend HD signals up to 150 meters via single cat 5e/cat6 cable and the resolution can up to 1080P. If over 150 meters, can be extended by multi-level connection via switch/router. In addition, it can realize cascading transmission without switch or router. It is widely used in computer teaching system, high-quality multimedia display, video conference, computer, LCD plasma hd display venue, digital home theater, exhibition, education, finance, scientific research, meteorology and other fields.


Ⅱ. Specification

The resolution of this extender is 1080p@60Hz; Supports IR return, which is convenient for users to control equipment remotely; It can be transmitted to 150 meters via cat5e/cat6 cable. It can realize cascading transmission with the help of switch or router. The receiver can also connect with more receivers of this product for cascading transmission.


1. Connection diagram

(1) Point to point connection, using single CAT5e/6 cable can be transmitted to 150m

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1. Q: There is VGA interface on my computer and the TV, can I connect them with VGA cable?
    A: You can connect any two devices only if they have a VGA interface.


2. Q: Why is there no icon of the computer on my TV when they are connected? 
    A: Find Resolution Setting on the computer and set it as Copy Mode.


3. Q: Why only video but no audio? 
    A: Firstly make sure the Drive is correct, then set the Audio Output as Output 
     from Graphics.


4. Q: Why is the image not full screen? 
    A: Firstly set the TV resolution correctly, then adjust the Graphics zoom function.


5. Q: How to adjust the resolution of the TV? 
    A: In Windows XP: click the right button on the desktop—Attributes—Setting—
click the TV icon—adjust the resolution.
     In Windows7: click the right button on the desktop—Resolution--click the TV 
icon—adjust the resolution.


6. Q: Why my resolution is lower than 1920*1440? 
    A: Firstly make sure your TV specification is up to 1920*1440, then adjust the res 
    olution on the computer.


7. Q: Why in expansion mode, the icons are in the center of the TV, not full screen? 
    A: Because in Expansion Mode, the TV resolution is 1920*1440, but the resolution 
    of the icons is lower than 1920*1440.


8. Q: There is HDMI interface on my computer and the TV, can i connect them with HDMI cable? 
    A: You can connect any two devices only if they have a HDMI interface.